WebTemp FAQ

Here you can find frequently asked questions (FAQ) about WebTemp. Please check back regularly as I try to update this page to reflect newly introduced features.

WebTemp does not show any temperatures (or voltages or fan speeds)

Please make sure you installed a supported hardware monitoring tool such as

Please notice that if you run more than one of these tools in the list above at the same time it is most likely you encounter weird readouts. Please also be sure you marked the desired temperature readouts in "Options / Temperatures...". SpeedFan's temperatures will be displayed upside-down from sensor no. 10 on. Proceed with voltages and fan speeds accordingly. We highly recommend SpeedFan due to its straightforwardness.

In addition there are three hardware monitoring tools which enable WebTemp to display your graphic adapter's temperature:

The sensors go nuts

(look above) Please only run ONE hardware monitoring tool (from the upper list) at the same time.

I've lost my registration key / WebTemp setup file

Please use this form to resend lost registration keys and download links.

How can I get the latest version?

WebTemp offers an update notification feature which queries this homepage once a day. If it finds a version which is newer than the current one it will display an update dialog which offers the possibility to download the latest version. The update notification feature can be enabled in "Options / Misc...". You can also force a manual update check by pressing "Options / Check for update".

I am a registered WebTemp user and just downloaded a newer version off this site. Now WebTemp only says "free version".

If you are customer and have purchased WebTemp earlier, please DO NOT download the freeware version. Instead, click "Options / Check for update" in your registered version to receive WebTemp updates.

I'd like to help developing the tool. Can I become a beta tester?

Every user may test new beta versions. In fact, WebTemp can be configured to notify you on the arrival of a new beta version automatically. Go to "Options / Misc...", click on "Expert options". On the appearing dialog, check "Notify on new beta versions".

What are the differences between the freeware and the registered version of WebTemp?

Please go to the WebTemp page and scroll down.

Is English the only language WebTemp is available in?

No, several language files are included. Just go to "Options / Misc...". On the lower right you can choose a "Language file" of your desire. If your language currently isn't supported, please help and create a translation. Just create a copy of the file English.lng and edit it with an ordinary text editor. Then send the file to translation@webtemp.org. Newly sent in language files are rewarded!

Which tags can I use in the stats and light image description texts and the textuploader?

Here's a list:

%freq%Current processor frequency in MHz.
%mem%Size of the installed physical RAM in MB.
%freemem%Free physical RAM in MB.
%allocmem%Allocated physical RAM in MB.
%intread%Time in seconds between measurements. You can enter this value in "Options / Misc...".
Time in seconds between two savings or uploadings of the mentioned image. You can enter this value in "Options / Images...".
%userid%Username of the currently logged in user. Hint: Use this tag also in the filenames of the images.
%hostid%Hostname of the system. Hint: Use this tag also in the filenames of the images.
%uptime%Uptime of the system. This is the time since the last boot including the time in which Windows was in standby mode.
%uptimerecord%Longest uptime ever reached since you installed WebTemp.
%date%Current date in the format yyyymmdd. This can be very helpful when archiving the 24 hours or 7 days statistics. Use the tag in the filename of the images.
%ip%Lists current IP address(es).
%ipN% Lists one single IP address. They are serially numbered. Put in the desired number instead of N.

BOINC tags

Short example on how to use the tags for the BOINC display and what the numbers mean. Just enter
|Project name           avg. credits host (user)    total credits host (user)
into stats.txt and
Current BOINC WU
Avg. host credits
into wtlight.txt and see what happens. Please notice that the tags is the only text in the particular lines.
Special tag for wtlight.txt use:
X with either "host" or "user" and
Y with "total" or "expavg".

By looking at the generated image you can also guess the purpose of the | symbol at the beginning of a line (makes it bold).

Note: If you're wondering why WebTemp does not show any BOINC stats: WebTemp gets BOINC's installation path from the registry. This value is only being set during BOINC's installation, and not if you move the folder from one system to another manually!

If it doesn't work anyway, you can specify the correct path to the DATA directory in WTClient.ini:

WebTemp crashes or shows other strange behavior

Please start WebTemp with command line parameter -debug. Try to reproduce the error, capture the screen (Alt-Print) and send the picture together with the file WTEvents.txt (present in the WebTemp folder) to report@webtemp.org.

But please notice: If you have general questions or problems concerning the handling of the software, make sure you read this FAQ properly and if you still need help, post your question in the support forums.

I'd like to display my WebTemp images on my website so that visitors always see the current image without reloading the page

You may use this small JavaScript refresh script:
<script type="text/javascript">
function ReloadImg()
  uniq = new Date();
  uniq = uniq.getTime();
  document.LI.src= "wtlight.png?" + uniq;
  document.BA.src= "wtbanner.png?" + uniq;
  document.ST.src= "stats.png?" + uniq;
  document.ST24.src= "stats24.png?" + uniq;
  document.ST7.src= "stats7.png?" + uniq;
  document.TU.src= "text.png?" + uniq;
  setTimeout('ReloadImg()', 180000);
To start the script make the body tag look like this:
<body onload="setTimeout('ReloadImg()', 180000);">
The images themselves need to get name properties:
<img src="wtlight.png" border="0" name="LI"><br><br>
<img src="wtbanner.png" border="0" name="BA"><br><br>
<img src="text.png" border="0" name="TU"><br><br>
<img src="stats.png" border="0" name="ST"><br><br>
<img src="stats24.png" border="0" name="ST24"><br><br>
<img src="stats7.png" border="0" name="ST7">
Adapt the names and paths to your needs.

My images looked well at the start but now the ones on my website look somehow "crunched"

The big "stats" image, the light image and the textuploader are variable in image height. If the img tag in your .htm file contains image dimensions the images will be resized to that size and thus seem crushed or stretched depending on if you add or remove sensors or additional displays or text to the image.

How to configure the network traffic display?

Go to "Options / Network traffic..." and activate a box. Then use the drop down box to choose the desired network adapter.

When connecting it always says that the CWD command wasn't supported

WebTemp supports uploading the images to subfolders on your FTP space. However, some FTP servers don't support this. On these servers you can only upload files to the root folder.

I don't want to upload my images every minute only because I have one visitor on my homepage every two weeks /
I want to access my statistics without uploading them to an FTP server

WebTemp contains a web server feature which can be enabled in "Options / Misc...". Just check the box and enter a port. Then click apply and test the feature by entering this address into your browser:

Remap MBM's temperatures / display other than the first ten temperatures

That has to be configured manually by editing WTClient.ini. For example add lines as follows:
T7  = 23
T8  = 24
T9  = 25
T10 = 26
From now on WebTemp gets MBM's temperature values 23 up to 26 and displays them at slots 7 to 10.

Same thing with ATITool:
Add the lines
T1  = tempLocal
T2  = tempRemote
F1  = fanSpeed
After a restart WebTemp will display ATITool's "tempLocal" on position 1, "tempRemote" on position 2 and the "fanSpeed" on (fan) position 1.

Example with RivaTuner:
T1  = Core temperature
T2  = Ambient temperature
ATI Tray Tools:
T1  = GPUTemp
T2  = ENVTemp
F1  = FanDuty

WebTemp gallery

This feature was designed to be an alternative to standard FTP transfer. It is aimed at users not having FTP access of their own. Of course every other customer may use it as well. Activate the feature in "Options / Server data...". No further configuration is necessary. WebTemp will automatically communicate with the server and upload the images at the correct position. After the first upload, you may click on "Display / This system in the WebTemp gallery..." to have a look at the images and the URL of your system's gallery.

SFTP/SCP upload

Another alternative to standard FTP transfer. However, for this feature to operate, WebTemp needs the file PSCP.EXE from http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html (download and copy it into WebTemp's installation folder). After that, the feature can be enabled in "Options / Server data".

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