FlowMeter (Freeware)

A Windows project for the FlowMeter hardware by Wassergekuehlt.de which measures flow rates in water cooling systems.


Depending on the actual water flow the impeller crosses a photoelectric barrier with variable frequency. Each crossing results in a pulse at the CTS line of the serial (COM) port the hardware is connected to. This software counts these pulses and calculates water flow in liters per hour (l/h). It also hands over these values to WebTemp, a visualization tool which is available on these pages as well.

Note: I created this site for people interested in this stuff. Wassergekuehlt.de's shop has been offline for quite some time now, but in the past I still got some questions regarding whether or not this software can be used in other DIY projects. As a matter of fact it can.

Configuration and calibration

By default FlowMeter assumes 1110 pulses per liter. However, this can be changed easily by editing the file FlowMeter.ini. Just add the line PulsesPerLiter=x in [Hardware] section where x is the number of pulses per liter (This will require some measurement and calculation at your end).


Version 1.0.6 • January, 3rd 2004 • Download FlowMeter.zip • 310.30 KB

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