WebTemp - Create statistics from CPU temperature meter readings measured by SpeedFan and other tools

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Version 3.38 • February, 21st 2013 • Download SetupWebTemp338.exe • 1.59 MB

Most recent beta (recommended for Vista/7)

Version 3.39-pre1 • December, 13th 2013 • Download SetupWebTemp339pre1.exe • 1.59 MB

Not time-limited. If you own a registration code, please download WebTemp using the link in your registration mail or use this site.

CPU temperature and other measurements CPU temperature and other measurements

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WebTemp provides (server) hardware remote monitoring features. WebTemp displays temperatures like CPU temperature as well as voltages and fan speeds measured by SpeedFan or other hardware monitoring tools and together with CPU and memory load, network traffic and notebook battery status it creates statistics which can be saved, uploaded to FTP servers or emailed at any time. WebTemp can also set off an alarm on high CPU temperature or low fan speeds by sending emails and/or powering off the system.

Not being merely a CPU temperature meter WebTemp of course also offers a lot of other features which are listed here:

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To provide CPU temperature, voltage and fan speed readings WebTemp needs an external hardware monitoring tool like SpeedFan. Other tools are possible, please see the FAQ. On its own, WebTemp reads out all other data and provides the statistical features.
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