WebTemp changelog

Version history of WebTemp:

- Bug fixes.

+ Added setup option to initially choose between
  SpeedFan and CPUID Hardware Monitor,
+ added support for Open Hardware Monitor (http://openhardwaremonitor.org),
+ introduced customizable idle power off* thresholds in WTClient.ini [PowerOff]:
  IdlePOCPU (default: 2000 = 20 %) and IdlePONet (default: 5 kB/s),
+ added ShortTimeFormat, ShortDateFormat and LongTimeFormat
  to WTDisplay.ini [Misc] to customize/relocalize time and date formats,
+ added saving of values in text (csv) form (this will be optional soon),
- removed "Start minimized" option,
  WebTemp will remember the last state automatically now,
- moved "Hide on close" to misc options and made it default,
- fixed issues related to autostart and installer when SpeedFan began to require
  admin rights. WebTemp's function and autostart should be ok now in Vista/7,
- improved custom sensor order support for AIDA64 / Everest Ultimate,
- removed splash screen, even from the freeware.

- Bug fixes,
- reverted to OpenSSL 1.0.0a since 1.0.0c was causing problems in Windows 2000.

+ Added custom sensor order support for AIDA64 / Everest Ultimate,
+ added "FTPPassiveUseControlHost" entry to the [FTP] section of WTServer.ini
  to decide whether WebTemp should use (0) or ignore (1, which is default) the
  IP the FTP server tells it to use for the data connection in passive mode;
  if you experience problems, try setting this to 0,
+ added "FTPUseTLS" entry to the [FTP] section of WTServer.ini:
  FTPUseTLS=0 no encryption,
  FTPUseTLS=1 (explicit TLS) the connection is initially unencrypted, then a
              command for activating the encryption is issued. If the server
              does not support this, the connection is continued unencrypted,
  FTPUseTLS=2 (implicit TLS) the connection is encrypted immediately upon
  FTPUseTLS=3 (TLS required) the connection is initially unencrypted, then a
              command for activating the encryption is issued. If the server
              does not support this, the connection gets cancelled,
  (default is 1),
+ added "FTPUseCCC" entry to the [FTP] section of WTServer.ini:
  FTPUseCCC=1 forces the control channel to be unencrypted
  (default is 0),
+ added "FTPTryNATFastTrack" entry to the [FTP] section of WTServer.ini
  (default is 0),
- improved ACPI wakeup behaviour during changes between daylight saving time and
  standard time.

+ Added support for AIDA64 (http://www.aida64.com) sensor values and names,
- fixed FTP issues.

- Fixed an issue with transparency* in .png images.

+ Added import of CPUID Hardware Monitor and SpeedFan (experimental) sensor names,
+ added "TStepStats" entry in [Temperatures] in WTDisplay.ini to specify
  custom temperature diagram grid height (in degree Celsius),
- made installation default values more intelligent,
- cosmetic improvements.

+ Using OpenSSL (http://www.openssl.org) WebTemp now supports (automatic) secure
  explicit TLS on SMTP and FTP connections (leave the ports and hosts as they are
  and if the servers support it, it is used),
- reworked the autoscaling code for the fan speed display,
- upgraded CPUID Hardware Monitor read out code for version 1.16,
- removed all code for obtaining CPU frequency except via the Windows API 
  "CallNTPowerInformation" which still does not display the correct value
  on every system, but this should cause less trouble than before. 

+ Added support for CPUID Hardware Monitor, http://www.cpuid.com/hwmonitor.php
  (unfortunately only the free version of it has a shared memory area),
+ added individual "Path" entries in WTClient.ini under [Light], [Banner], [Stats]*,
  [Stats24]*, [Stats7]*, [Stats31]*, [Stats365]* and [Textuploader]* to specify
  separate custom remote (FTP) directories,
- fixed network traffic display,
- fixed issues related to standby/hibernation/wakeup.

+ Added expert options to define stats and banner image width,
+ added possibility to manually add network paths for disk monitoring,
- fixed disk space display on large partitions (> 2 TB),
- fixed some issues related to waking up from standby.

+ Added "SpeedFanParams" entry in [Misc] in WTClient.ini to specify SpeedFan
  start parameters, example: SpeedFanParams=/NOSMBSCAN
+ added new tags (eg. for textuploader*):
  %tX%, %fX%, %vX%, %cpuX% (temperature, fan speed, voltage, CPU load;
  replace X by 1-10),
  %mempage% (total memory),
  %allocmempage% (allocated total memory),
  %freemempage% (free total memory),
  %memcache% (cache size),
+ added memory usage to real time display,
+ added expert option to re-include static data (CPU freqency display on top,
  HDD allocation and uptime) data in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics*,
+ added low disk space mail alert*,
- fixed CPU frequency on extra small light display,
- fixed window position on startup in multi monitor environments,
- fixed power off / standby timer*,
- now using the expression "x cores" instead of "x CPUs",
- several minor fixes.

- Starting with this release, only major and minor version numbers will be used,
- fixed crashing at startup when there is no daylight saving time for the time zone.

+ Added support for CoreTemp,
+ added Czech language file (thanks to Sajrusak),
+ added catching up on latest daily+ statistics* if system was off,
+ added SpeedFan update notification,
+ now using Simple Network Time Protocol for time synchronization*,
- bug fixes.

+ Added user activity display (only quantity; active times are being represented
  by a line at the top of the CPU diagram),
+ added automatic printing feature* for weekly statistics (prints weekly and the
  last 7 daily statistics using optimal layout),
+ added a workaround for windows' internal 4 GB network traffic overflow.

- Fixed order in which hardware monitoring tools are handled,
- minor bug fixes.

+ Added scrolling function (time axis),
- fixed battery graph painting values greater than 100%,
- changed upper memory scale limit to 1 TB,
- changed internal main window name.

+ From now on, WebTemp uses the folder for application data for all users
  (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data) for all its
  .ini and log files. The files are being automatically copied to the new
  folder upon first start. Presence of a file "oldsettingsdir" in its install
  directory makes WebTemp revert to the old behavior,
+ added voltage alarm* feature,
+ added system status* display,
+ added total memory size display (physical + page file),
+ added file cache size display,
+ added CPU frequency graph and separated CPU scale from memory,
+ added Italian language to installer,
+ added exponential moving average ("smoothing") to temperature display
  (expert options; try an alpha value of 0.2 or even 0.1),
+ added WTClient.ini option [Misc] AlarmGraceInterval to define mail intervals
  in alarm* status (default is 600 seconds = 10 minutes)
+ added a lot of icons to the menu and images,
- changed default server for time synchronization to a working one (ntp3.fau.de),
- improved Vista compatibility,
- removed virtual memory size display (seemed to be broken anyway?),
- fixed an issue when running WebTemp as non-interactive service.

+ Added upload* into the WebTemp gallery at WebTemp.org (for users without
  FTP server),
+ added: a grayed-out temperature checkbox now makes WebTemp display the
  value as text only (just like on voltages),
+ added Windows event logging in alarm* cases,
+ added SCP/SFTP upload (needs PSCP.EXE from
  in your WebTemp installation folder),
+ increased grace period before alarm* messages are being processed
  (for systems on which SpeedFan takes a long time to start),
- fixed not saving temperatures log.

+ Added support for Everest Ultimate (has to be activated in debug options),
+ added support for ATI Tray Tools,
+ added custom sensor order support for ATITool, ATI Tray Tools and RivaTuner
  (please see the FAQ),
- fixed RivaTuner shared memory support (is now working with the final version),
- fixed frequency readout on Intel Core Duo processors (but still not on all systems).

+ Introducing http://www.webtemp.org as another official URL
  (which redirects you to the main download site),
+ a batch file OnAlarm.bat gets started on every alarm that is occurring*,
- lowered minimum fan speed limit (for alarms*) to 300 RPM,
- reworked alarm features*,
- fixed window position not being saved in rare cases.

+ With regard to the stability of future versions there is now a "Notify on new beta
  versions" checkbox in the expert options. Anyone who wants can get beta versions from
  now on as soon as they are available for public.
- Fixed an issue on gif images when using high color backgrounds,
- fixed font size and scale on the banner image. 

+ Reintroduced compatibility to Windows NT4,
+ added full service functionality to free version,
+ installer: it now automatically closes WebTemp and the service before updating,
+ installer: added option to autostart WebTemp and to install it as a service,
+ service: it now can interact with the desktop, i.e. you can see the programs' tray icons,
+ expert options: added option to adjust diagram (temperature, voltages, etc.) heights,
+ expert options: added warning mail* feature on high CPU load (the alarm goes off
  after about one minute of at least 90 % usage, so don't use it with BOINC or similar),
+ expert options: added warning mail* feature on high RAM usage (limit is 90 %),
+ added transparency* option for .gif images,
- fixed transparency* on .png images,
- fixed not displaying volumes greater than 2 TB,
- fixed window resizing behaviour when it exceeds screen bounds,
- changed autostart type so WebTemp is being started for all users,
- speeded up closing of options dialog big time,
- fixed readouts for batteries which are only reporting relative capacity,
- service: fixed programs not being restarted after logoff,
- service: fixed SpeedFan not being closed properly when service is stopped.

+ Added "Hide on close" (expert options),
+ added battery wear chart (in weekly*, monthly* and yearly* statistics),
+ added support for high voltage values (read out by UPSses for example-
  an extra tool for monitoring PowerWalker UPSses is coming up soon),
- updated french language file (thanks to nara),
- updated italian language file (thanks Michele Beriola),
- fixed CPU frequency readout on Pentium M systems,
- fixed CPU frequency readout on multi core systems,
- removed all SETI classic related stuff (project was shut down in late 2005),
- fixed uploading images containing tags (e.g. %date%) in their names,
- fixed PNG images being distorted under some circumstances,
- now using background color to fill area left out by too small background images*,
- re-fixed freqency readout on dual pentium systems,
- various other smaller bug fixes.

+ Added "Shutdown on idle" option,
+ added MobileMeter ACPI temperature readout (experimental),
+ added Portuguese (European) language file (thanks to MikeP),
- updated italian language file (thanks to Michele Beriola),
- fixed color assignment in text-only voltage display.

(skipped 3.0.15)

- Stopped using executable packer since it caused false virus alerts.

+ Added mouse wheel toggle between stats, stats24, stats7* and so on,
+ added: a grayed-out voltage checkbox now makes WebTemp display the value as text only,
+ added option to hide page file and virtual memory display,
+ added design capacity and battery wear display (notebook use),
- splitted description text* files into stats.txt, stats24.txt, stats7.txt and so on,
- increased maximum selectable lower fan speed limit* to 19000 RPM,
- updated Italian language file,
- updated Korean language file,
- removed real-time info like hard disk allocation and frequency display from stats24 and
- removed offline detection.

+ Added Finnish language file,
+ added Korean language file,
+ added Polish language file,
+ added support for newer BOINC versions,
- changed BOINC process display so that also a number of days is displayed,
- time synchronizer now only changes time if it differs less than half an hour,
- modified way to detect time changes.

+ Added support for RivaTuner (http://www.guru3d.com/rivatuner),
+ detecting time changes to prevent statistic screw up,
+ separated voltage displays,
+ added download link for language file updates,
- fixed several issues.

+ Added command line parameter -suspend WAKEUPTIME to suspend the system at once and waking it
  up again at WAKEUPTIME (the parameter is optional),
+ added several hints to english and german language files,
- fixed several issues.

+ Added tag %envENVIRONMENTVARIABLE% to include environment variables in description texts,
+ new data file format (WebTemp will automatically convert),
+ added "send test mail"* button,
+ mailing* without any FTP upload,
+ added option to load png and gif background images*,
+ optimized resource usage,
+ daylight saving time / time zone change support,
+ added command line parameter -multi which allows multiple instances* (take care and use
  seperate directories!),
+ expert menu: added option to hide date and time,
+ expert menu: added option to send small images to background,
+ expert menu: added option to hide hint in statistics,
- fixed not working auto update notification (PLEASE CLICK "Options / Check for update"),
- fixed debug mode / logging,
- fixed scheduled suspend / wakeup,
- fixed not showing fan speeds above 10k rpm,
- fixed not mailing yearly statistics* in some cases,
- fixed memory leak when getting ACPI / battery data,
- corrected german and english language files,
- fixed several small other issues.

+ Added synchronizing system time with time server* feature to expert menu
  (currently happens each time WebTemp also checks for an update),
+ added command line parameter -suspend to suspend the system at once,
+ added command line parameter -poweroff to power off the system at once,
+ added AtiTool support (thanks http://atitool.techpowerup.com),
- fixed problems when running as non-admin user,
- fixed not detecting BOINC work directory in some cases,
- fixed several problems with Win98,
- fixed not detecting CPU speed changes on some systems,
- fixed small other issues.

+ Improved BOINC display in light image (additional tag
  %boinccreditsXY% added where
  X can be either "host" or "user" and Y can be "total" or "expavg"),
+ added | symbol which can be used at the beginning of each line in
  description texts* in the stats display and the textuploader,
- improved BOINC display in stats image*,
- fixed memory display for RAM sizes > 2 GB,
- fixed stats image OnClick property,
- updated Italian and Russian language files,
- updated installer and added several languages to it,
- minor other fixes.

+ WebTemp reads temperatures, voltages and fan speeds from the freeware
  SpeedFan (http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php)
  Since MBM development stopped, we recommend you to use SpeedFan instead on
  new systems (you may continue using an old MBM if it works for you of course),
+ added BOINC (http://boinc.berkeley.edu) stats and project display. Please use
  the new tags %boincstats% and %boinccredits% in the stats and light images
  (the tag has to be the only text in the line, see the forum for an example),
+ added page file and virtual memory (text) display,
- updated Italian and Russian language files,
- minor other fixes.

- Fixed saving monthly* and yearly* statistics manually as .png file,
- fixed not displaying erratic temperatures,
- fixed sometimes not displaying SETI status,
- fixed resuming from standby,
- minor other fixes.

+ Alarm* countdown now becomes canceled if temperature/fan value re-enters safe range,
+ saving/restoring main window positions,
+ added emergency poweroff* when battery is discharged,
+ added several options to expert menu (start with parameter -expert):
  Ignore nonsense values (temperatures that differ at least 20 deg C from last readout),
  Show offline time (mark offline times in network traffic display),
+ added parameter -wait to force WebTemp to delay the start
  (use -wait n to make WebTemp wait n seconds),
- increased upper temperature alert limit to 100 deg C,
- increased max. displayable RAM size to 8 GB,
- redesigned light and stats image,
- fixed a few minor bugs.

+ Added expert options page (english only) for debugging
  (start WebTemp with parameter -expert),
- fixed smaller bugs,
- updated installer/uninstaller.

+ Added manual update check menu option,
+ added Italian language file (thanks to Michele Beriola),
+ added official HMonitor support (registered version of HMonitor needed),
- fixed NT4 problem,
- fixed network traffic display problem,
- fixed CPU usage not being displayed in Windows 9x/ME,
- fixed SETI@Home data not being displayed in Windows 9x/ME,
- fixed battery display being screwed up after adding/removing additional battery,
- changed behaviour opening browser windows,
- reworked icons,
- updated installer.

- Fixed registration key problem in registered version.

- Fixed nag screen problem in test version.

+ Added 1 month statistics*,
+ added 1 year statistics*,
+ added realtime system information window containing CPU frequency,
  network traffic and disk allocation,
+ added tags %setiprogress%, %setitimeleft%, %setitimetotal% and %setiwucount%
  to display information about running SETI command line client
+ added CPU usage code, so it will also show usage without MBM,
+ added code to get temperatures from ACPI thermal zones
  (Most Centrino notebooks report temps this way),
+ added cursor feature to display previous data,
+ added option to hibernate* system instead of suspend* or poweroff*,
+ added feature to turn banner into a pure network traffic display*,
+ added tag %ipN% with N representing IP number to be displayed,
+ added installer/uninstaller,
+ added Windows service which can start WebTemp*, MBM, FlowMeter or every other
  program you want (read forum post),
- improved accuracy on frequency, water flow and battery display,
- water flow display now scaleable down to tens,
- transparent* PNGs are now saved as 8bit images (transparency on IE6 workaround),
- new log file format (statistics will be reset),
- improved disk space display,
- fixed small bug in network traffic display and computation,
- removed 80 deg C limit,
- fixed nag screen problems in freeware version,
- re-design,
- fixed lots of minor other bugs.

+ added tag %uptimerecord% to display maximum uptime,
+ CPU speed now measured by WebTemp itself even without MBM,
- little re-design of all images,
- fixed smaller bugs.

+ Added battery status graph in statistics (for notebook users),
+ added some shutdown and suspend options* to task bar icon context menu,
+ added possibility to include background images*,
+ added click through feature to light, banner and textuploader displays,
+ added 2nd border color options for 3D look,
+ added switch -dontforcepo to suppress forcing power off which would be default,
+ added option to choose either bit or byte display on network traffic display, 
+ added feature to webserver so you can share a directory (see forum),
+ added tag feature to file names,
+ added tag %uptime% to display uptime,
+ added tag %date% to display date in yyyymmdd format for file name use,
+ added option to choose transparent color* for the .png images,
- emergency shutdown on low water flow: choose min. water flow down to 10 l/h (for use with
- always backup statistics* after crash,
- fixed network traffic display,
- enlarged "extra small light image" to 80x80 pixels,
- fixed autoupload menu,
- fixed several other bugs,
- optical improvements.

+ Added tag %userid% representing logged in user name,
+ added tag %hostid% representing computer name,
- webserver now has an index page. Use like this: http://localhost
- bug fixes and improvements.

+ Added fan display to light image,
+ added disk capacity bar graph,
+ added HTTP server feature to access all saved images.
  Use URLs like this: http://localhost/wtlight.gif
- various bug fixes.

+ Re-added support for MBM 5.0.9.x,
+ support for VCool 1.8b9 (CPU throttling display),
+ option to seperate network load statistics,
+ option to make Light image even smaller,
+ option to disable power off* (to receive an alert mail only),
+ option to suspend* system instead of power off*,
+ debug log off by default (turn on via -debug switch),
+ ignore zero values by default (turn off via -zerovalue switch),
+ auto backup up and restore value logs,
+ now saving settings as .ini file,
+ added Portuguese language file (thanks CYBERZEUS),
- fixed log files not being saved when crashing in shareware version,
- fixed uptime being reset after 49.7 days,
- fixed display of # of CPUs,
- fixed uploading empty statistics,
- fixed several mailing* problems,
- several bugs fixed,
- several optical improvements.

+ Added support for VCool 1.8b8+ (only 2 temperature and 3 fan readings, no voltages and no
- fixed: error when displaying more than one IP address.

+ Added support for MBM (older versions still supported).

+ Added logarithmic network load scale,
+ added support for HTTP proxy (for update notification),
- fixed error when scaling memory graph,
- fixed error when scaling vcore voltage graph,
- fixed error that caused 24h and 7d stats* not to be saved,
- fixed wrong displayed CPU load when using CPUCooL,
- fixed "read timeout" problem,
- fixed some links and captions.

+ Network traffic display added,
- removed support for socks, added proxy support,
- some optical improvements,
- several bugs fixed.

+ Banner display added,
+ added support for CPUCooL by Wolfram Podien (http://www.talknet.de/~podien/CPUCOOL.HTM),
+ added option to save 24 hours and 7 days statistics* in shorter intervals,
+ added autoupdate notification,
+ improved all windows and displays,
+ min/max for CPU load added,
+ added support for PNG file format (just change the file extension),
+ statistics show average values of temperature, voltage, fan speed, memory and CPU load,
+ added new splash screen,
+ added self extraction (+ kind of installer),
- textuploader* text and description text now in text files (backup your old text before
- memory usage minimized,
- "Backup of statistic after crash"* repaired,
- code optimized,
- many many small bugs fixed.

* registered version only.
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