µSynClone (Freeware)

This tool "clons" or synchronizes folders between hard disks.

Its main purpose is to create backups of important folders and keep them up-to-date. To achieve this, µSynClone reproduces the whole directory structure on the backup medium. After choosing source and destination, the tool will only copy new or altered files (i.e. changed file size or time). Furthermore, files and subfolders no longer existing in the source folder will be deleted in the destination as well.

Silent mode

Start the tool with parameter "-s". The synchronization process will start automatically. As soon as µSynClone is done, it exits automatically. No interaction is required.

This version is incompatible with older versions. The directory structure is being saved as well and needs to be on the backup media/folder for restoration. Thus, do not attempt to restore older backups with this version!


Version 1.4.3 • October, 27th 2010 • Download uSynClone.zip • 232.12 KB

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