Monitor webserver and web hosting performance

Here you can see current memory usage, cpu load and network traffic (upspeed and downspeed) of this dedicated hosting server.

Aside from the topic "hardware monitoring" this page has nothing to do with our software "WebTemp". The data on this page was read out by a script on this server. WebTemp on the other hand is a tool for monitoring local (Windows) systems.
If you're interested in the source code: Purchase a WebTemp license and ask me via mail.

1.85 Mbps
3.78 Mbps
CPU load:
21.94 %
Memory usage:
257,110.9 MB total
106,080.6 MB used
102,445.9 MB cached
54.4 MB buffers
48,529.9 MB free
United States 23:36:29 up 65 days, 8:15, 0 users, load average: 6.70, 6.67, 6.73 Contact • Legal info • Privacy policy